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Title: Call Me When You Get This
Fandom: Super Junior
Rating: G (gasp!)
Pairing: Hanchul
Summary: Once again, Heechul tries to fit himself into a suitcase.
A/N: This was written in a very short amount of time for a very special person whom I will miss very, very much. :3

Heechul has blood under his nails, and he's not sure where it came from, even as he continues to gnaw at them, eyes on the spread of clothing across the bed he shares, shared with Hankyung. He shakes his head, fingers curling in front of his mouth. No, it's shares, because Hankyung is coming back and he'll sleep next to Heechul again, and suffer cold toes against his and Heechul mumbling in his sleep and pushing Hankyung off the bed only sometimes accidentally. And it will be just like it was before it had to change.

He wants to crawl under the shirts he remembers pushing up over Hankyung's ribs to make room for his kisses, wants to cover himself head to toe in things that smell like Hankyung, like them. And maybe if he's still enough, Hankyung will try to fit him inside his suitcase again. And this time he won't try and climb out, laughing. He'll take a deep breath in and try to make himself as small as all of this makes him feel. But he knows a ridiculous idea when he hears one, especially if it's in his own head, so he pushes it out and toes Hankyung's unzipped suitcase open. Socks, boxers, jeans, the pajama pants Heechul had borrowed the first time they slept together, Heechul's Seo Taiji t-shirt that Hankyung refuses to give back, the bracelet of his that Heechul had worn to that one event, the look on Hankyung's face when he saw the pictures the next day, the ramen Hankyung cooks for him at 2 am, the way he groans at the first chime of their alarm clock, the nervous smile he doesn't realize he has on when Heechul catches him staring. Heechul rubs the pad of his thumb over the smooth edge of the fingernail he'd been chewing at, Hankyung's forgotten a few things.

It didn't take long to repack Hankyung's suitcase. He just shuffled a few things around added a couple extra sweatshirts, the cologne Hankyung always stole from him, polaroids he'd peeled out of their albums, the extra adapter for his cell charger, shin ramen cups, a napkin with Heechul's cellphone number and email on it- hidden in the pocket of Jongwoon's hoodie which is stuffed down next to Donghae's tofu block travel pillow beside Henry's half eaten package of dried squid. He's sitting ontop of the suitcase, struggling with the zipper when Hankyung comes through the bedroom door, "Quick, come here and try to be useful. I can't get this shut."

He speaks through a smile, "It all fit before I left?"

"Yes, well... whatever." Heechul ignores him and gives the zipper another violent tug.

Hankyung sits down next to him on the case, pushing Heechul's hands out of the way, pulling the zipper the rest of the way around. It's a close call, "I'm not sure I'll be able to carry this."

He scoffs, "Who are you, Jungsu?"

"My heart, you know, it's bad." with a melodramatic sigh, he drops his head onto Heechul's shoulder.

"God, you're so pathetic. You know everyone has schedules tomorrow, who do you think is going to help you lug this to baggage claim?"

"You're off, right?" he glances up, eyebrows drawn in confusion.

"You're suggesting I forefit beauty sleep to get up at the crack of dawn to wrestle an oversized case through crowds of obnoxious fangirls packed inside the already crowded terminals of Incheon, is that what I'm hearing?"

Hankyung sits up, shrugs and nods.


Hankyung smiles and climbs onto their now clear bed, flopping back against the pillows. Heechul follows, settling down at his side for approximately seven seconds before moving to lean over Hankyung, "That's mine."

He doesn't bother opening his eyes, "Your what?"

"My pillow, get your empty head off of it." Heechul tugs at the pillow Hankyung's laying on, identical to the other three at the head of the bed.

And then he's laying with his cheek against Hankyung's pulse, Hankyung's hand over his shoulderblade, chest to chest, "You can have this one instead, okay?"

"I don't want this one, it's not machine washable." he digs a finger between Hankyung's ribs in revenge as he climbs onto him to sit, knees braced on either side of his torso.

He waits until Hankyung opens his eyes and grips his hips, maneuvering them both so he can scoot back to lean against the headboard, "You're never satisfied."

Heechul trails a hand down to rest over the button of Hankyung's jeans, flashing a wicked smile, "That's not true."

He leaves his fingers curled around Hankyung's waistband as he eases their mouths together, soft and sweet, lips parting lazily. Hankyung's hand comes up to cup the back of his neck, his thumb circling the corner of his jaw familiarly. The kiss lasts longer than Heechul had figured, and when he pulls back, he sees they'd somehow managed to slide farther down the bed so that now the ends of his hair brush Hankyung's temples because he's back to leaning over him. He runs an impatient hand through his hair, trying to sweep it out of the way so he can continue what he really wants to be doing at that moment. But his hair just slides forward again, curtaining Hankyung's grin as he leans out of a kiss. Frustrated, he sits up and tugs at it, "They need to cut this."

Hankyung pushes Heechul nearly out of his lap, and sits up to carefully remove Heechul's hands from tearing out his hair, settling them, instead, on his thighs. He smooths back a few errant strands, gathering as much as possible into his hand while Heechul glares sullenly. He reaches down to tug the tie off of Heechul's wrist, wrapping it around the loose ponytail he's holding, "I like it."

The kiss must've taken Hankyung by surprise because they end up off balance and falling back onto the mattress with a thud. Heechul doesn't pull away, he keeps kissing him nice and easy. Hankyung's so distracted by the feel of Heechul's lips on his, he doesn't really notice the tickle of Heechul's hair is back on his cheek, but when he feels a hairtie snap over his wrist, he tries to break the kiss to see exactly where Heechul's going with this. But Heechul only pulls back far enough to whisper, voice tight, "Just hang on to that."

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Tags: author: remixied, fandom: super junior, format: drabble, pairing: hanchul, rating: g
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